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    Try Some Amazing Food at Gilroy Restaurants

    Looking for something good and close to our hotel?

    One of the pleasures of traveling is having the opportunity to partake of the delicious and unique dishes that a destination has to offer. And when you’re visiting Gilroy, CA, you’ll never be disappointed when it comes to good food. The dining options will impress whether you’re a gourmand, a foodie, a food (photography) lover or simply someone who enjoys a good meal or two. The food discoveries will be worthwhile whether you love dining in a fancy restaurant or are always thrilled to check out local grub.

    View our recommended restaurant guide here or pick up a copy from the front desk.


    Chevys Fresh Mex
    Ninja Sushi

    Barbeque 152
    In-N-Out Burger in Gilroy
    Garlic City Cafe

    Pinocchio's Pizza No. 2
    Ayuttaya Thai Cuisine

    Visit Station 55
    Cilantros Restaurant
    Sushi Omakase

    In our years in the hospitality industry, we have proven that there’s one way to really experience the gastronomic treats of a specific place: eat like a local. Tourism brochures may publish guides such as a list of the best restaurants in Gilroy, CA, and these are good starting-off points for exploring the local food offerings. But if you really want to dig into the true food culture here, check out what and where the people here love to eat.

    It pays to do your research weeks before your trip. Read travel blogs and look for independent recommendations (choose the non-sponsored posts). Ask around via social media – post a question on Twitter or Facebook to see what your contacts may come up with. When you make your reservations with us, try to ask our representative for referrals – we may even have tie-ups with local foodie haunts that offer our guests some special discounts!

    Gilroy, CA RestaurantsBooking the right hotel is also key to being in the know about the must-see spots (and must-eat meals). When your hotel is located in a prime location, you can rest assured that the most raved-about Gilroy, CA restaurants are just a short drive or a walk away. To make every minute of your trip worth it, ask about our packages that will ensure you’ll get to experience the sights and activities that apply to you, with plenty of time to go to the best dining venues around.

    Here’s a trade secret among travel writers: Eating breakfast at the hotel will lead you to great foodie finds. How? Starting your day with a full stomach leaves you feeling full and satisfied most of the day. This way, you avoid making hasty decisions as you go from one attraction to another. Nourish yourself early in the day so you can make clear decisions on your next meal and not just be overwhelmed with the choices. Our rooms come with free buffet breakfast, so we have that one important meal already covered for you.

    Before heading out to explore, stop by our front desk – you’ll go far with insider, helpful information. As always, our mission is to provide the best service for our guests and to ensure that every visit is memorable and worth repeating.